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Where we are

Our grapes have the unique and unmistakable flavor of the generous land that feed them and make them grow. The vineyards have found their ideal habitat in Apulia and perfectly embody, through their colors and aromas, the essence of the Mediterranean area.

The ruddy red soil, generated by limestone rocks dissolution, provides the ideal substratum for the cultivation of different grape varieties thanks to its high level of potassium and a very low organic matter level.

Our grapes make you feel the strength of Apulia and of the Nature that powerfully manifests itself through a unique explosion of colors, flavors and fragrances. Our vineyards lie in the gently rolling hills, cradled by the winds that every day smooth this land, by making it so beautiful, various and hospitable.


The secret of Agricoper grapes? Its precious fellow: the thermal circulation.

During the daytime, when the sun is up, the air over the sea gradually move toward the land and replace the air rising in the thermal low. This localized air flow system is called a sea breeze and reaches its maximum strength in the later afternoon when the greatest temperature and pressure contrasts exist. It dies down at sunset when air temperature and pressure once again become similar across the two surfaces. At night, the land surface is cooler than the water and the wind flow now moves from the land to the open sea. This type of localized air flow is called a land breeze.